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The Comparation of Anthropometric and Metabolic Indices in the Regulation and Prediction of Fatty Liver: a population-based cro

Xie et al.
Used Parameters : WHR, BFM, VFA

Publication Year : 2020

Country : China

Journal : Research square

Background: The association between anthropometric and metabolic indices and fatty liver (FL) remain not fully elucidated. We aimed to determine the role of these anthropometric and metabolic indices on FL prediction and regulation via cross-sectional study, thus providing clues for further research in FL field. Methods: A total of 658 participants aged over 18 years were included in this study. Anthropometric and metabolic indices (including WC, WHR, BMI, BFM, VFA, TG/HDL, AST/ALT, SBP, DBP and FBG) were measured. Difference analyses …
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