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Development of anthropometry-based equations for the estimation of the total body water in Koreans

Body Composition Assessment
Moon-Jae Kim et al.
Used Parameters : TBW

Publication Year : 2005

Country : Korea

Journal : Journal of Korean Medical Science

For developing race-specific anthropometry-based total body water (TBW) equations, we measured TBW using bioelectrical impedance analysis (TBW BIA) in 2,943 healthy Korean adults. Among them, 2,223 were used as a reference group. Two equations (TBW K1 and TBW K2) were developed based on age, sex, height, and body weight. The adjusted R 2 was 0.908 for TBW K1 and 0.910 for TBW K2. The remaining 720 subjects were used for the validation of our results. Watson (TBW W) and Hume-Weyers (TBW H) formulas were also …
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