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Muscular Strength, Functional Fitness, Body Composition, and Quality of Life after 12 Weeks of Detraining in Older Females

Exercise Physiology
Krčmár et al.
Used Parameters : MM, PBF, BFM

Publication Year : 2020

Country : Slovakia

Journal : Physical & Occupational Therapy In Geriatrics

Aims The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of a 12-week strength training, and 3 months of detraining on physical fitness, body composition, and quality of life. Methods: Twenty women underwent assessments pre-and post-training, and after cessation of training. The measurements included waist-to-hip ratio, muscle mass, fat mass, leg press and seated row strength, functional fitness (SFT), and quality of life physical component score (PCS) and mental component score (MCS). Results: Significant interaction (p< 0.01) …
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