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Risk factors for neuropathic pain in middle-aged and elderly people: a five-year longitudinal cohort in the Yakumo Study

Imagawa et al.
Used Parameters : SMI

Publication Year : 2020

Country : Japan

Journal : Pain Medicine

Objective To determine the risk factors for new neuropathic pain (NeP) after five years in healthy middle-aged and elderly volunteers. Design Prospective longitudinal cohort study (Yakumo study). Setting Clinical evaluation in a health checkup. Subjects A total of 366 people (male N= 146, female N= 220, average age= 63.5 years) who did not have NeP in 2013 were examined. Methods NeP was diagnosed based on a painDETECT questionnaire score≥ 13. Body mass index (BMI), comorbidity, low back pain (LBP), sciatica, physical …
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