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Adherence to a Low Carbohydrate Diet may Modify Resting Metabolic Rate among Overweight and Obese Women

Forough Sajjadi et al.
Used Parameters : BFM, FFM, SMM, LBM

Publication Year : 2020

Country : Iran

Journal : Research square

… obesity [20]. Therefore, this paper sought to test the effect of LCDS on the possible link between
obesity and deviation of normal RMR in overweight and obese women. The ndings of the current
study indicate that high adherence to a low-carb diet is associated with higher LDL-c. This result
may be attributed to the replacement of carbohydrates with fats in a low-carb diet [21] … Page 8.
Page 8/22 HDL-c. Based on previous studies, lower dietary intake of carbohydrates has been
associated with higher concentrations of HDL-c [21, 23] … Also, due to the study type, causality is …
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