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Sarcopenia and sarcopenic obesity in Spanish community-dwelling middle-aged and older women: association with balance confidenc

Physical medicine and Rehabilitation
A Aibar-Almazán et al.
Used Parameters : SMM, PBF, Resistance

Publication Year : 2017

Country : Spain

Journal : Maturitas

Objectives To analyze the association of sarcopenia, obesity, and sarcopenic obesity (SO) with fear of falling (FoF) and balance confidence in a Spanish sample of middle-aged and older community-dwelling women. Study design and outcome measures A total of 235 women (69.21±7.56 years) participated in this study. Body composition (bioelectrical impedance analysis), hand-grip strength, and physical performance (gait speed) were evaluated for the diagnosis of sarcopenia, obesity, and SO. Anxiety and depression were …
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