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Effect of the intake of dietary protein on insulin resistance in subjects with obesity: a randomized controlled clinical trial

González‑Salazar et al.
Used Parameters : SMM, BFM, REE

Publication Year : 2020

Country : Mexico

Journal : European Journal of Nutrition

Purpose We compared the effect of diets with different amounts and sources of dietary protein on insulin sensitivity (IS) in subjects with obesity and insulin resistance (IR). Methods Eighty subjects with obesity (BMI≥ 30 kg/m 2) and IR (Matsuda index< 4.3 and HOMA-IR≥ 2.5) over 18 years old were randomized to four groups for a one-month period: a normal protein diet (< 20%) with a predominance of animal protein (Animal NP) or vegetable protein (Vegetable NP) and a high-protein diet (25–30%) with a predominance of animal protein …
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