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Effect of pre-meal water consumption on energy intake and satiety in non-obese young adults

Ji Na Jeong
Used Parameters : BW, FFM, FM

Publication Year : 2018

Country : Korea

Journal : Clinical Nutrition Research

I determined whether water consumption reduces energy intake and affects satiety in non-obese young adults. The final subjects consisted of 15 individuals (8 women and 7 men) with average ages of 26.4 and 23.5 years for women and men, respectively. When subjects drank water before eating a test meal, they ate a lower amount of the test meal compared to eating test meals under waterless and postload water conditions (preload water: 123.3 g vs. waterless: 161.7 g or postload water: 163.3 g, p< 0.05). Water consumption after eating a …
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