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Predictors of discordance in the assessment of skeletal muscle mass between computed tomography and bioimpedance analysis

Physical medicine and Rehabilitation
MH Jo et al.
Used Parameters : Segmental FFM, SMI

Publication Year : 2019

Country : Korea

Journal : Journal of Clinical Medicine

Computed tomography (CT) and bioimpedance analysis (BIA) can assess skeletal muscle mass (SMM). Our objective was to identify the predictors of discordance between CT and BIA in assessing SMM. Participants who received a comprehensive medical health check-up between 2010 and 2018 were recruited. The CT and BIA-based diagnostic criteria for low SMM are as follows: Defined CT cutoff values (lumbar skeletal muscle index (LSMI)< 1 standard deviation (SD) and means of 46.12 cm 2/m 2 for men and 34.18 cm 2/m 2 for …
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