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Age-related decline in skeletal muscle mass and function among elderly men and women in Shanghai, China: a cross sectional stud

Physical medicine and Rehabilitation
Bai HJ et al.
Used Parameters : FFM, ASM, Upper limbs SMM, L/W ratio, L/U ratio, SMM, SMI, BFM, PBF

Publication Year : 2016

Country : China

Journal : Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Objective: To investigate the relationship of muscle mass and muscle function with age. Methods and Study Design: The study including 415 participants (aged 60-99 years). Upper (UMM) and lower (LMM) limbs muscle mass and whole body fat free mass (FFM) were measured by bioelectrical impedance analysis. The appendicular skeletal muscle mass (ASM) index (ASM/height2) was calculated. Muscle function was assessed by measuring hand grip strength (HGS) and gait speed. Results: Using ASM index cutoff values we found …
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