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Skeletal Muscle and Metabolic Risk in Overweight Adolescents. An Indicator of Premature Sarcopenic Obesity

Physical medicine and Rehabilitation
António Videira-Silva, Helena Fonseca
Used Parameters : BW, SMM, %SMM, BFM, PBF

Publication Year : 2017

Country : Portugal

Journal : International Journal of Health Sciences and Research

Purpose: This study aimed to investigate the association between relative SMM (% SMM) and metabolic outcomes in overweight adolescents, and analyze the prevalence of overweight adolescents with decreased levels% SMM, based on reference charts for youth. Methods: Clinical records from 240 overweight adolescents (BMI≥ p85), aged 10-17, were collected retrospectively. From those, a sub-sample of 45 was used to analyze overtime changes in% SMM, anthropometric, metabolic and PA outcomes. Results:% SMM was …
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