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Impact of short-term continuous and interval exercise training on endothelial function and glucose metabolism in prediabetes

Malin et al.
Used Parameters : BFM, FFM

Publication Year : 2019

Country : USA

Journal : Journal of Diabetes Research

Introduction. The impact of interval (INT) vs. continuous (CONT) exercise training on endothelial function in relation to glucose metabolism prior to clinically meaningful weight loss is unknown in adults with prediabetes. Methods. Twenty-six subjects with prediabetes (y; kg/m 2; 2-hr-PG OGTT: mg/dl) were randomized to 60 min of CONT (; 70% of HR peak) or work-matched INT exercise training (; alternating 3 min at 90 and 50% HR peak) for 2 weeks. Aerobic fitness (VO 2peak) and body composition (bioelectrical impedance) were …
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