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The effects of uncoupling protein-1 genotype on lipoprotein cholesterol level in Korean obese subjects

Hyun Hee Oh, Yoosik Yoon et al.
Used Parameters : TBW, FFM, BFM, PBF, Protein

Publication Year : 2004

Country : Korea

Journal : Metabolism

Abstract Uncoupling protein-1 (UCP-1) plays a major role in thermogenesis, and has been implicated in the pathogenesis of obesity and metabolic disorders. The purpose of this study was to estimate the effects of A-3826G polymorphism of the UCP-1 gene on the plasma lipid profiles in 190 Korean obese subjects with a body mass index (BMI) more than 30 kg/m 2. Height, weight, BMI, wait-to-hip ratio (WHR), obesity index, and body composition were measured and genotype of UCP-1 was analyzed by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) …
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