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Hydration assessment among marathoners using urine specific gravity and bioelectrical impedance analysis

Exercise Physiology
Cutrufello PT et al.
Used Parameters : TBW, PBF

Publication Year : 2016

Country : USA

Journal : Research in Sports Medicine

The present study examined the relationship between urine specific gravity (Usg), body mass (BM) and bioelectrical impedance determined variables [total body water (TBW), per cent TBW and impedance values] before and after a marathon (n= 25 men; 10 women). A significant reduction in BM (pre: 71.2±12.4 kg; post: 69.6±12.0 kg; p< 0.001) and an increase in Usg (pre: 1.009±0.007; post: 1.018±0.009; p< 0.001) was observed post-race. TBW was not significantly decreased (pre: 42.7±8.0 kg; post: 42.4±7.7 kg) while per cent TBW …
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