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Differences between sexes in thermoregulatory responses and exercise time during endurance exercise in a hot environment follow

Body Composition Assessment
Iwata et al.
Used Parameters : BM

Publication Year : 2020

Country : Japan

Journal : Journal of Thermal Biology

This study aimed to examine differences between sexes in thermoregulatory responses and exercise time after ice slurry ingestion in a hot environment. Twenty-four healthy adults (male n= 12, body weight (BW)= 65.8±10.3; female n= 12, BW= 58.2±10.0) ingested 7.5 g/kg of either ice slurry at− 1° C (ICE) or control water at 20° C (CON) before cycling at 55% VO 2 max in a hot environment (controlled at 38° C, 40% relative humidity). Rectal (Tre) and skin (Tsk) temperature, heart rate, sweat rate, respiratory gases, ratings of thermal sensation …
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