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The effect of a meal on measures of impedance and percent body fat estimated using contact-electrode bioelectrical impedance te

C B Dixon et al.
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Used Parameters : PBF

Publication Year : 2013

Country : USA

Journal : European Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Results: Twenty minutes after eating (3847±900 kJ), body mass (LBIA= 0.8 kg, SBIA= 0.8 kg, MFBIA= 0.7 kg, P< 0.05), impedance (LBIA= 6.0 Ω, SBIA= 17.9 Ω, MFBIA= 27.1 Ω, P< 0.05) and% BF (LBIA= 0.9%, SBIA= 1.7%, MFBIA= 0.8%, P< 0.05) increased significantly and remained elevated at 60 min POST. During the CON trial, a consistent body mass reduction (60–80 g) and impedance increase (4–9 Ω) was observed over time resulting in a small increase in% BF (0.3–0.7%) 60 min POST (P< 0.05). Conclusions: Twenty minutes after …
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