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Effect of a multistage ultra-endurance triathlon on body composition: World Challenge Deca Iron Triathlon 2006

Exercise Physiology
B Knechtle et al.
Used Parameters : FFM, BFM, PBF, Protein, Mineral

Publication Year : 2007

Country : Switzerland

Journal : British Journal of Sports Medicine

Objective: To investigate the effect of a multistage ultra-endurance triathlon on body composition in ultra-triathletes. Design: Descriptive field study. Setting: The “World Challenge Deca Iron Triathlon 2006” in Monterrey, Mexico, in which every day for 10 consecutive days athletes had to perform the distance of one Ironman triathlon. Subjects: Eight male ultra-endurance athletes (mean (SD) age 40.6 (10.7) years, weight 76.4 (8.4) kg, height 175 (4) cm and body mass index (BMI) 24.7 (2.2) kg/m2). Interventions: None. Main …
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