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Ratio of dietary ω-3 and ω-6 fatty acids—independent determinants of muscle mass—in hemodialysis patients with diabetes

Wong TC et al.
Used Parameters : SMM, ASM

Publication Year : 2016

Country : China

Journal : Nutrition

Abstract Objective ω-3 and ω-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) are essential nutrients in the human diet and possibly affect muscle mass. We evaluated the association between the dietary ratios of ω-3 and ω-6 PUFAs and muscle mass, indicated as skeletal muscle mass (SMM) and appendicular skeletal muscle mass (ASM), in patients with diabetes undergoing hemodialysis (HD). Methods In this cross-sectional study, data on 69 patients with diabetes who underwent standard HD therapy were analyzed. For estimating muscle …
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