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Concentrated bovine-milk whey active protein (CBP) supplement-combined dynamic flamingo therapy (DFT) activates bone metabolism

Sangun Lee et al.
Used Parameters : TBW, ECF, ICF, FFM, BFM, Mineral, BMR

Publication Year : 2013

Country : Korea

Journal : Journal of Diabetes & Metabolism

Aims: In this study, we analyzed the effect of concentrated bovine-milk whey active protein (CBP) supplementcombined dynamic flamingo therapy (DFT) on bone metabolism and bone-related factors. Methods: Subjects were menopausal women over 65 years of age, and they were divided into 3 groups C, DFT, and CBP-combined DFT (DFT-CBP) and analyzed for 2 months. Results: The deoxypyridinoline (DPD) bone marker showed only a 27.7% decreased value in the DFT-CBP group after 2 months of treatment initiation, in comparison …
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